• It’s that time of year again! Here is the list of Holiday Recitals for December! If you are not sure when your concert is, please ask your teacher or the front desk.


    1. Friday, December 1st @ 7:30PM
    2. Saturday, December 2nd @ 2:30PM
    3. Saturday, December 2nd @ 3:45PM
    4. Saturday, December 2nd @5:15PM
    5. Saturday, December 2nd @6:30PM
    6. Sunday, December 3rd @1PM
    7. Sunday, December 3rd @ 2:15PM
    8. Sunday December 3rd @3:45PM


    1. Saturday, December 9th @ 2:30PM
    2. Saturday, December 9th @ 3:45PM
    3. Saturday, December 9th @ 5:15PM
    4. Saturday, December 9th @ 6:30PM
    5. Sunday, December 10th @ 1PM
    6. Sunday, December 10th @2:15PM
    7. Sunday, December 10th @3:45PM
    8. Sunday, December 10th @5:15PM

    Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your concert. It is important that everyone be respectful of each others’ performances, and we would like to graciously ask that you stay for the entirety of your concert. Should you arrive late, please DO NOT enter the recital hall until in-between performances, NOT during. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a snack for the reception afterwards!