• Private lessons are a great way to get involved with music. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player seeking to improve your technique and knowledge, private lessons give you the time and attention you need to further improve your skills in a much more controlled, personal one-on-one environment.

    Each of our music centers offer one-on-one private lessons for a variety of instruments including the piano, stringed, and woodwind instruments. Our instructors work closely with their students ensuring that they develop an overall strong command of the instrument through learning music theory and building a repertoire of musical pieces.

    We offer a free observation session of our private teachers to those considering enrolling with us. An observation session gives you the chance to view one of our instructors work with his/her student before you decide to enroll. If you would like to setup an observation session, please contact us here.

    Lesson Details

    • Private lessons are held once a week and are 30 minutes in length
    • The minimum age to enroll is 9 years old
    • We offer private instruction for students of all ages and playing styles

    Vocal Training are available in our Irvine, Torrance and Laguna Yamaha locations.