COVID-19 SCHOOL PROTOCOL as of May 23rd, 2022

 What you need to know:

A.  Physical Distancing:

Each group lesson will be allowed up to 9-10 students maximum. Parent’s participation in the group lessons will be allowed especially for group classes with younger students.  

 B.  Screening:

Students and parents who are sick and have Covid-19 symptoms are recommended not to come to school for safety of everyone in class. You may request to join through Zoom. 

C.   Masks:

The school have OPTIONAL policy for face mask. But it is highly recommended for group class setting. Teachers and office staff would ask those student(s) who suddenly cough to wear face mask. 

D. Sanitation:

Cleaning in each room will be scheduled to sanitize all areas daily.  Students/Parents/Guardians can sanitize “keyboard” that they will be using. We will provide disinfectant wipes/alcohol pads in the room for them to use. Air purifiers have been placed in each room. 

E.   Hand Sanitizing/Washing

Please sanitize/wash your hand when coming to your lesson. 

F.    CDC Guidelines

Please follow updated guidelines from CDC at