• When you or your child enrolls at one of our music centers, you are assured an excellent experience with our first-rate courses in musical study. Yamaha has invested over 50 years of music education in dozens of countries throughout the world. Through Yamaha Music Schools, more than 6 million people worldwide have been introduced to the joy of music.

    Yamaha Music Center instructors hold advanced degrees in music from leading conservatories and universities across the nation. All instructors of Yamaha group lessons are certified under YMES (Yamaha Music Education System). The center takes special pride in the quality and dedication of it's teaching staff.

    A brief history of the Yamaha Music Education System, from its origins in the 1950's to the present day. It is over this time, many lives have been touched by the joys of making and teaching music.

    The Yamaha courses began in the mid-1950s in Japan under the direction of Mr. Gen’ichi Kawakami, the president of Nippon-Gakki Company, Ltd. (now called Yamaha Corporation). Mr. Kawakami believed his company was responsible not only for making a quality product, but also for teaching customers how to use the product. Consequently, he established the non-profit Yamaha Music Foundation (YMF) in 1966 for the purpose of developing and promoting music education and music popularization activities internationally. YMF guides the development of the Yamaha Music Education System in 41 countries and also sponsors international events such as the Junior Original Concert (JOC).

    In the United States, the Music Education Division of Yamaha Corporation of America works in cooperation with Yamaha Music Foundation to design new courses, improve instructional quality, and refine existing programs.

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